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On the 5th April 1982, a large British task force set out on a 7500 mile journey to liberate a group of tiny windswept islands in the South Atlantic. On 1st May began the biggest naval action to take place since the Second World War - nearly 900 men lost their lives. 2012 marks the 30th anniversary of the conflict.

These pages are not only a resource of information (containing contributions from people from all round the world, many of whom were actually involved) but also a tribute to those who served in the forces of both sides during the conflict.

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Featured book

Sea Skimmer
by Larry Jeram-Croft

How do you counter your own weapon system when itís turned against you? The Falklands War posed just this problem. January 1982 and the Exocet sea skimming missile is a killer. The British should know, they co-developed it with the French. However, the Argentinians have them as well.

Larry was the Lynx pilot of HMS Andromeda and was involved in anti-Exocet jamming trials, as well as the last Exocet raid of the war.

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