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Margret ThatcherPrime MinisterBritain's first, and to date, only woman Prime Minister.
Lord CarringtonForeign SecretaryConsidered the war a result of failed dipomacy on the behalf of his department; resigned.
John NottDefence SecretaryControvercial Sec.Def., Nott had already made serious cuts to the Navy and was shortly to scrap the two ageing (steam-powered) amphibious landing ships Fearless and Intrepid that played a cruical role in re-taking the islands.
Anthony ParsonsBritish Ambassador to the UN
Admiral Lord Terence LewinAdmiral of the Fleet; Chief of the Defence Staff
Major General Jeremy MooreCommander, ground forces
Rear Admiral John "Sandy" WoodwardFlag, Task Force
Brigader Julian ThompsonCommander, 3 Commando Brigade
Admiral Sir John FieldhouseCommander in ChiefAdmiral Fieldhouse was C-in-C and in overall command of the Falklands confict. The Conflict ensured a place for John Fieldhouse in the annals of British military history - since World War II, he as been the only C-in-C to have directed British forces to a unilateral victory against a well-equipped enemy.
Jeremy 'JJ' Black, MBECaptain, HMS Invincible
Commander "Sharkey" WardCO 801 Sea Harrier Sqdn., Invincible
Rex HuntGovernor, Falkland Islands
Nicanor Costa MendezForeign Minister
Enrique RossDiplomat
General Leopoldo GaltieriHead of Argentine Military Junta
Rear Admiral Carlos BüssarCommander of the Marines
Admiral Jorge AnayaC-in-C, Navy
Brigadier Basilio Lami DozoC-in-C, Air Force
Brigadier-General MenéndezGovernor and C-in-C, Las Malvinas
Vice-Admiral J.J.LombardoHead of Naval Planning Unit
Captain Hector BonzoCaptain of the cruiser General Belgrano
Other Countries
Gen.Alexander HaigUSA, Diplomat
Casper WeinbergerUSA, Defence Secretary
General Augusto Pinochet UgarteChile, President & C-in-C armed forces

Rank indicates rank at the time of the war; some have been promoted since.

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