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Trevor the dog/cat

Information has recently reached me regarding a famous pet in the Islands.

Trevor the cat This is Trevor - she was a neutered female tabby cat. She lived in the quarters occupied by 1312 Flight, RAF at Port Stanley, in the Falklands during the late 1980s (photo taken in 1988). Crews in the Falklands were allowed to keep pets as long as they were neutered dogs, so the local vet neutered Trevor and issued her with an official certificate to say that's what she was.

She was unkempt when this person arrived, he had to do some clipping and lots of grooming to get her tidy, I'm not sure whether this is before or after. Whatever, it's her summer coat. She was quite an old cat when he was caring for her, very affectionate, and apparently she was eventually succeeded by a black and white cat, also called Trevor.

Penguin Officer George Stanley Falklander

In March 2012, Sue Ankin sent the following:
I was involved with the Task Force Amenity Fund during the conflict. In addition to collecting dressing gowns and clothes for the survivors of the Sir Galahad bombing,we raised money and I made a 3ft high penguin which we took with us to fund raising events. Penguin Officer George Stanley Falklander, as he was named, was sent out to the Falklands as a mascot. He was taken by Navy transport to be flown out by the RAF to the hospital at Port Stanley but I lost track of his whereabouts. I would be very interested to know whether he did arrive and what happened to him.

Victory is Ours

In March 2012, Almond Greenway wrote:
In 1982-3 I wrote a song called Victory is Ours. In 1992 it was released as the title track to an album of mine. The song tells the story of the Falklands War as transmitted by television to the British audience back home. I wondered if it would be interesting to you and/or the visitors to your web site. The rights to the song are controlled by the MCPS/PRS in London. The track is available on CD and as a download from the major suppliers - this is the link to Amazon.

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