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Argentine ship & aircraft data, photos and regular news submissions from Santiago L. Aversa.

Some UK ship data courtesy amccrude@cd.strath.ac.uk

Some photographs from Michael Brunk's WWW/FTP server "The Flightline" (now replaced by The Aerodrome).

Some weapons data from US AirForce Link fact sheets.

Some aicraft data from Michael Trout, via UseNet.

Photo of Vulcan by Damien Burke from The Hangar WWW pages.

Photo of Coventry sinking taken by Mick Delucia and supplied by Graeme Weldon.

Some web links from Ramiro Rivera of Colombia.

Extra special thanks go to Inigo Puente from Spain for extensive Argentinian aircraft and ship data.

Showing considerable tenacity, Mary Allen discovered that UK company Anglia Television had made a one hour wildlife film, titled "Stranded on South Georgia", which described the fate of some scientists trapped on South Georgia during the Argentinian occupation of the islands. Copies are available from:
Survival Anglia, Ltd., Anglia House, Norwich NR1 3JG.

Some info on the Pucara attack aircraft from Esteban in Argentina.

Special thanks to Fernando Benedetto, Historical Investigator of the Argentine Airforce, for official aircraft loss numbers.


Some "people" images grabbed from 1992 Channel 4 TV series The Falklands War (which is, incidentally, NO LONGER AVAILABLE from them).

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