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Buckingham Covers have produced an outstanding set of commemorative first day covers, some of which are available in signed versions. Click any image for further information and/or to place an order.

The project has already raised 10,000 for the Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel Trust and buying any of their Falklands covers supports the Chapel further.
First day cover Lest we Forget: Remembering all those that fought, especially those who paid the ultimate price and lost their lives. Available personally signed by Sarah Jones, wife of Colonel H Jones VC who lost his life.
First day cover The Beginning: The conflict was triggered by the unauthorised landing on South Georgia by Argentina. Available personally signed by Lord Carrington.
First day cover Invasion: By April it was clear the Argentineans were going no where and Rex Hunt, the Falklands Governor was forcibly evacuated by Argentina. Available personally signed by Sir Rex hunt, Falklands governor.
First day cover The Task Force: The task force in the Falklands were diverted from all round the world. In total the Task Force was made up of 2 aircraft carriers, 7 destroyers, 5 frigates and 4 auxiliary fleets. The Task Force was under the command of Rear Admiral J. F Woodward. Available personally signed by Sir John Woodward.
First day cover South Georgia: The Argentineans moved in and the submarine Sante Fe was beached. Available personally signed by Captain Brian Young who retook South Georgia.
First day cover The Vulcan Bomber and Operation Black Buck One: The aim to take control of Stanley Airfield so the Argentineans could not attack the British from the air. Available personally signed by Martin Withers DSO.
First day cover Battle Group Arrives: An the British Task Force entered the Maritime Exclusion zone to lure Argentina into action. Available personally signed by captain M C Clapp, Head of the amphibious landing.
First day cover Sinking the Belgrano: sunk by HMS Conqueror as it threatened the safety of the Task Force. Available personally signed by Captain C L WrexfordBrowne, Captain of the Conqueror.
First day cover The War at Sea: The price was high with the loss of many British troops and several navy ships. Available personally signed by Admiral Sam Salt, captain of HMS Sheffield.
First day cover San Carlos and Goose Green: This surprise attack was unexpected and caught the Argentineans off guard. Available personally signed by Sharkey Ward, Harrier jet pilot.
First day cover Battle for Stanley: Britain loss men in intense fighting but the winner would take all! Available personally signed by Major General Julian Thompson CB OBE.
First day cover The Surrender: Argentina accepted United Nations 502 - calling for them to end hostilities and withdraw from the Falklands. Available personally signed by Major General Sir Jeremy Moore.

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